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Rank: Air Commodore
Position: Commander of Azure Fleet
                  Captain of the PRS Tiramisu

Eashavir Rukthop was Born near Dunhill.  His Family was killed while traveling. He was found by a Half-Ogre soldier and raised as his own son. When Eashavir was a little older, he returned to Dunhill to be become a farmer.


He quickly became bored with farming and being the adventurous pixie and to follow the tradition of his adopted father, joined the Royal Flying Corps as a scout. As a Flying Officer, he defended Reomyr during the Shattering. 


Eahavir was promoted to Flight Lieutenant and fought in the war against the Gith. He was promoted to Squadron Leader and lead the Ambush against the Half-Orc and the Flight to Eldestra.


He was then assigned as Wing Commander in Dunhill, but quickly volunteered as First Officer of the PRS Taffy, a Sloop in the fledgling pixie navy. 


After the Captain retired, Eashavir was promoted to Captain and took command.  He later was assigned to the Schooner, PRS Tiramisu.


During the Second Orc War, he was promoted to Air Commodore and given command of the Azure Fleet.  He commanded several raid against the Orc army and provided reconnaissance to the Half-Elves.


He is currently still in Command of the Azure Fleet, and likes to stop in Irae.