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Bio for Kosaim Arcannis

Kosaim was born in the Pixie Forest, he was adopted by Karstein Arcannis, he was raised in the woods and was educated in Reomyr in the ways of the Mage. Kosaim also displayed interest in cooking.  He spent his younger years as chef, a alchemist and recruited into the Royal Flying Corps as a Spellstriker.
He Married Addleberry Etheros and had a son, both were lost during the shattering. He later married Comeia Nightblade, the daughter of the Queen of the Pixies.
When Comeia became Queen, Kosaim served as Air Chief Marshall and he lost her during the conflict in Eldestra.
Kosaim took over the throne, working on expanding trade and opening up a chocolate shop in Irae.
Kosaim stepped down and handed over the throne to Tessia


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